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MTVS0004 Vibration Switch

Complete condition monitoring and protection module

 Gives early warning of fault conditions

 Helps avoid plant shut down

 Two user set alarm and trip levels

 Simply bolts to machine

 Users need no special vibration experience or training

 Compact and low cost

The MTVS0004 Vibration Switch offers a low cost, simple to install and operate solution to protect all sorts of rotating machinery; motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes etc. It’s durable case with high IP rating is suitable for long life in harsh industrial environments. Measurements are made in velocity and compatible with ISO10816 Machine Vibration Severity Test.

Just bolt the unit to a flat surface on your machine, set the appropriate alarm and trip levels, connect the relays to switch alarms or to power down the machine then connect to the power supply for continuous protection. For restricted access situations or where the vibration must be monitored on bearing housings external vibration sensors may be used with mounting diameters down to 15mm diameter. Choose either latching alarm relays requiring operator reset following an over vibration incident or non-latching relays to automatically resume operation as soon as the fault has cleared. 



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