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Onicon CAMS™ – Combustion Airflow Management System

The Air Monitor Power CAMS™ – Combustion Airflow Management System – is designed to fulfill the need for a reliable and accurate means of flow measurement in combustion airflow applications. Combined into a single engineered package are the CAMM™ – Combustion Airflow Management Module – containing the microprocessor based instrumentation to measure the airflow and manage the purge cycle, and AUTO-purge to protect against any degradation in performance of the duct mounted measurement device(s) due to the presence of airborne particulate.

CAMM Performance Specification

  • Accuracy. ±0.1% of Natural Span, including non-linearity, hysteresis, and non-repeatability.

  • Stability. ±0.5% of Natural Span for six months.

  • Temperature Effect. Zero. None; corrected by AUTO-zero.

  • Span. 0.015% of Full Span/ºF.

  • Mounting Position Effect. None; corrected by AUTO-zero.

  • Transducer Response Time. 0.5 second to reach 98% of a step change.

  • Power Consumption. 35VA at 24VAC, 20VA at 24VDC, and 42VA at 120VAC.


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